The Real Housewives Reunion Dress Benefit Auction

Photo of Ana QuincocesAna Quincoces 

The Real Housewives benefit auction is the brainchild of Real Housewives of Miami cast member and Celebrity Chef Ana Quincoces. Ana has friends and family on the front lines fighting COVID-19 and she wanted to find a way to help them get the supplies and resources they needed to keep them safe. While looking through her closet, Ana came across her Housewives of Miami reunion dress. That's when the idea of the auction came to her. So she called a few of her Housewives friends and was overwhelmed with the support. Within a few weeks, donated dresses started arriving from all over the country to Ana's home. Her sister Housewives from Miami, New York, Orange County, Beverly Hills, New Jersey and more sent their reunion dresses, some valued at over $5,000.

The Auction is Live!


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Special Note From Ana

There are several people without whom this would never have been possible.
  • John Penney and the entire team at BlackDog Advertising. You guys are everything!
  • Tamra Judge one of the real OG’s of the OC & Joanna Krupa- thank you for your advice, time and generosity.
  • Agustin Gil, Creative Director of Honey I’m Social. Your social media skills are top notch. Thank you for your help and creativity!
  • Antonio Postorina (aka The Houswife Whisperer) of Unfiltered PR and David Yontef of Behind The Velvet Rope: thank you both for sharing your amazing rolodex with me and helping us secure so many dresses!
  • And last but not least, a big GRACIAS to Andy Cohen, for supporting this initiative from the very beginning. As much as you enjoy the shade, you enjoy housewives coming together for the greater good even more!
Thank you all!
Ana Q